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  • Seven tips to help employers manage an employment tribunal claim

    4 July 2023

    Running an employment tribunal claim can be challenging. When an employee brings a claim against your company and the ET1 form lands on your desk, what happens next? Tina Elliott, a part-time employment tribunal judge, offers a few tips to help you manage the tribunal process efficiently.

  • COVID-related employment cases: 10 key lessons for employers

    19 November 2021

    Employment tribunals have been deciding coronavirus-related cases throughout 2021. We set out 10 key first-instance rulings related to the pandemic and highlight what lessons employers can learn from them.

  • 10 reasons to consider judicial mediation in an employment tribunal

    4 May 2021

    With organisations and claimants often waiting months and years for an outcome at an employment tribunal, judicial mediation could help both parties reach a settlement much sooner than they would if their case progresses to a final hearing. Alan Lewis highlights some of the benefits.

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