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  • Global legislative changes to look out for in 2024

    24 January 2024

    There's no need to ask the Oracle of Delphi for predictions about upcoming changes to employment law worldwide. Here, our international editors, Ronelle Barreto and Rocio Carracedo Lopez, present shifts in the future legislative environment in 20 different countries at a glance.

  • Where's my bonus? A multi-country perspective

    15 December 2023

    A little something "extra" in the pay packet at the end of the working year may be a global expectation, but it is one that is met in a variety of ways depending on where in the world you find yourself. Here, we provide some 2023 bonus payment statistics from the UK and offer a summary of bonus payment requirements in 15 other jurisdictions.

  • Conversation starter - innovative workplace laws around the world

    1 November 2023

    Having difficulty thinking of an ice-breaker to launch your Monday huddle? Got some important things to say in the Teams strategy meeting this afternoon but don't want to go too far, too fast? Or simply just looking for a friendly way to open a chat with a new colleague? Then why not try this conversation starter…

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