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  • Statutory neonatal care leave and pay: What we know so far

    20 July 2022

    The Government has given its backing to the Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill, which is a Private Members' Bill sponsored by MP Stuart McDonald. This paves the way for the introduction of statutory neonatal care leave and pay. What do we know about this new type of family-friendly leave and what has the Government said about the timetable for its implementation?

  • Pregnancy loss: Supporting employees affected by termination for medical reasons

    19 May 2021

    Pregnancy loss charities have welcomed recent initiatives by some employers to offer paid time off to employees affected by miscarriage or stillbirth. One form of pregnancy loss that is rarely talked about, however, is termination for medical reasons. Jane Fisher takes us through the specific difficulties that can arise and how employers can help.

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