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  • Rebuilding in 2024: Strategies for reshaping worker expectations

    9 January 2024

    This could be a pivotal year for HR. As ever, the cornerstones of what we do will be recruitment, retention, motivation, performance and productivity, but - asks Andrew Walker of Personal Group - what do they mean for HR and reward professionals in 2024 and beyond?

  • HR must build new skills to leverage AI use cases

    23 November 2023

    The future of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR is bright, but HR isn't ready - at least not yet. XpertHR legal editor Natasha K. A. Wiebusch reports from the US.

  • Six key takeaways from the 2023 CIPD conference

    13 November 2023

    The people profession is operating in a "VUCA world on steroids" (VUCA = volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). So said CEO Peter Cheese as he welcomed around 1,300 delegates to the 2023 CIPD conference in Manchester.

  • Hybrid working - the "new normal": What we found out

    5 October 2023

    Director of Epic HR Gary Cookson recently delivered a webinar for XpertHR entitled Hybrid working - How to personalise the employee experience. During the session, he asked attendees a number of questions about the realities of the new post-Covid world, which is increasingly characterised by hybrid working arrangements.

  • Flexible working request reforms: A guide to updating your policy

    4 September 2023

    Forthcoming changes to the law on the right to request flexible working mean that employers will have to amend their flexible working requests policy. We set out nine steps for HR professionals to follow when faced with updating their organisation's policy.

  • Safeguards for using ChatGPT and other bots for HR

    26 June 2023

    ChatGPT and other chatbots have captured the attention of HR leaders everywhere. Though powerful, these tools pose new problems HR should not ignore. Natasha K.A. Wiebusch reviews four key problems with chatbots - and suggests ways to deal with them.

  • Hybrid working legal and practical issues: Your common questions answered

    16 June 2022

    While many employers have now implemented a hybrid working model, challenges remain to ensure that hybrid working arrangements run smoothly. XpertHR consultant editor Darren Newman answers some of the most common legal and practical questions that hybrid working organisations have been asking us.

  • Hybrid working and sickness absence management: Practical tips for employers

    31 May 2022

    Employers that are operating under a hybrid working model must ensure that their sickness absence management procedures sit comfortably alongside their new working arrangements. We set out five steps that hybrid working organisations can take to ensure that sickness absence management continues to be effective.

  • Working remotely from abroad: The continuing impact of COVID-19

    26 May 2022

    Many employers that have introduced hybrid working arrangements are finding that employees who have worked remotely from overseas want to continue to do so. Employers may therefore have additional considerations when formulating any hybrid and return-to-work policies.

  • Hybrid working: Six examples of reasonable adjustments for disabled workers

    6 May 2022

    Employers that are operating under a hybrid working model must ensure that their working arrangements are inclusive, including making reasonable adjustments to the model for disabled workers. We set out six examples of potential reasonable adjustments for hybrid workers.

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