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  • Developing performance: Five steps to unlocking your workforce's full potential

    6 July 2023

    Organisations benefit when employees contribute ideas, innovate and use creativity to find solutions. But how do you unlock your people's full potential? They need to be stretched, challenged, supported and developed. We set out the five steps to achieving this.

  • Strategic HR in focus: How senior leaders can implement work architecture model

    25 October 2022

    The traditional system of job architecture based on jobs and jobholders is inadequate for employers that want to increase human-centricity, upgrade the employee experience, attract and retain top talent, and improve organisational responsiveness to emerging social and political factors, writes XpertHR senior analyst, HR strategy and insights, Laci Loew.

  • Strategic HR in focus: Why it is time for employers to adopt work architecture model

    6 October 2022

    More than ever before, workers search for purpose in the workplace, seek work that makes an impact, and expect internal talent mobility that utilises their unique strengths and capabilities, says XpertHR senior analyst, HR strategy and insights, Laci Loew.

  • Virtual appraisals: Overcoming the common constraints

    18 May 2021

    Appraisals can be daunting for both appraiser and appraisee, but they can be especially challenging in a virtual setting, when non-verbal cues cannot be read so easily. Nikki Squire, facilitator and co-founder at Strevas, outlines some of the common concerns and how to overcome them.

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