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  • Equal pay: Pay protection scheme not objectively justified

    13 October 2008

    In Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council v Bainbridge and Equality and Human Rights Commission and other appeals [2008] IRLR 776, the Court of Appeal held that a transitional pay protection scheme that, in effect, preserved the previous (unlawful) pay levels of men, while failing to offer equivalent higher pay to women engaged on work rated as equivalent, perpetuated historic indirect sex discrimination and was not objectively justified.

  • Equal pay: Employees may rely on comparators rated lower under a job evaluation study

    29 October 2007

    The Court of Appeal ruled in Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council v Bainbridge and others [2007] EWCA Civ 929 that a woman claiming equal pay may rely on a job evaluation study even where the woman's job has been assigned a higher value than that of her comparator.

  • Equal pay: Job evaluation scheme did not have retrospective effect

    27 June 2007

    In 1) Bainbridge & Ors 2) Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council v 1) Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council 2) Williams EAT/0424/06 & EAT/0031/07 the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that successful equal pay claims confer the right to up to six years' back pay prior to the institution of proceedings.

  • Equal pay: case law update

    2 March 2007

    This article looks at some of the significant judgments in the area of equal pay over the past year and their implications.

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