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Common contract terms

Original author: Sue Johnstone

Updating author: Zuraida Curtis


  • Contract terms do not have to be reasonable. (See Overview)
  • Groups of companies may need the power to transfer employees between the group companies. (See The parties)
  • Work should be defined and any power to change the work made clear. (See The work)
  • The remuneration package, including any overtime pay and bonuses, should be set out. (See The wage
  • Location should be identified and any mobility requirements specified. (See Place of work)
  • Hours, including overtime, should be identified. (See The hours)
  • Holiday entitlement should be specified. (See Holiday)
  • If there are other benefits, such as sickness benefits, these should be included. (See Sickness benefits)
  • Restraint clauses are enforceable only if they are reasonable. (See Confidentiality and restraint clauses)
  • Notice clauses must provide for the statutory minimum period. (See Notice)