Interactive flowcharts

Employment law flowcharts, guidance and templates.

This tool:

  • Guides you step by step through procedures to comply with the law.
  • Provides an interactive flowchart setting out the steps in each process.
  • Offers guidance on each step, along with templates.

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Discipline and grievances

Employment disputes

Family-friendly rights

Health and safety

Pay and benefits



  • Reserve forces: Managing a reservist's mobilisation

    Use this reserve forces flowchart to manage the legal and practical issues that arise when you receive a call-out notice notifying you that one of your employees has been mobilised for a period of full-time military service.

Sensitive employment situations

Sickness and sick pay

Termination of employment



Working time and leave

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Helps to eliminate human error. I would definitely recommend it to other HR professionals when having to undertake a complex procedure.

Chrystal Isherwood, HR officer, National Federation of Women’s Institutes