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Chile: Recruitment and selection

Original author: Andres Valdes, Baker & McKenzie

Updating author: Agustin Alcalde, Clyde & Co

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  • Discrimination in recruitment is prohibited on various grounds, including race, sex, age, trade union membership, religion, political opinion and nationality. (See Discrimination)
  • Employers are generally prohibited from publishing job advertisements - either directly or through a third party - that contain requirements related to the prohibited grounds of discrimination. (See Advertising vacancies)
  • Employers are not entitled to require information from job applicants that is unrelated to their capacity, suitability or qualification for the job in question. (See Selection)
  • There is no statutory requirement for an employer to make a written job offer to a successful job applicant, and the issue of job offers is not specifically dealt with by employment legislation. (See Job offers)
  • The minimum age for employment is generally 15, while the employment of minors aged 15 to 17 inclusive is subject to various restrictions. (See Young people and children)
  • Foreign nationals require a specific visa or permit to work in Chile, and employers with more than 25 employees must ensure that at least 85% of their employees are Chilean nationals. (See Foreign nationals)