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Finland: Contracts of employment

Original and updating author: Teea Kemppinen, Bird & Bird Attorneys Ltd

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  • There are no statutory requirements as to the form or content of individual employment contracts, which may be oral, written or electronic (however, apprenticeship contracts must be in writing). (See General)
  • A probationary period may be applied only if this is specifically agreed in the employment contract, and the maximum permitted duration of the probationary period is generally six months. (See Probationary periods)
  • Employment contracts are considered to be open-ended unless they are specifically concluded for a fixed term for a "justified" reason, such as the temporary substitution of an employee who is absent. (See Types of contract)
  • As a starting point, the employer must provide the employee with written information on the main terms of employment, unless there is a written employment contract dealing with all these main terms. (See Written statement of terms of employment)
  • The terms of employment contracts that are not mandatory (that is, based on legislation or an applicable collective agreement) can generally be varied only by agreement between the employer and employee. (See Variation of contract)