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Greece: Termination of employment

Original and updating author: Christos A Ioannou

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  • Termination of an employment contract is seen as part of managerial prerogative, subject to some restrictions. (See General)
  • There is no statutory notice period, but employees should be notified in writing of their dismissal, and a public office must be informed within four days. (See Notice periods)
  • Employees are entitled to severance payments. (See Severance pay)
  • Dismissed employees can bring a claim of unfair dismissal in the courts, on the grounds of abuse or excessive use of managerial prerogative by the employer. (See Unfair dismissal)
  • Where an employee's dismissal breaches the contract of employment, he or she may bring a common-law claim for wrongful dismissal. (See Wrongful dismissal)
  • There are various rules regarding dismissals on the ground of redundancy. (See Redundancy rights)
  • The pay-related entitlements of employees whose employer has become insolvent are protected by an insolvency fund. (See Insolvency)