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Guide for global employers: Establishing a global presence

Authors: Matthew Howse and Rachel Ashwood, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius


  • There are various business structures that organisations can use to pursue international business opportunities. (See Business infrastructure)
  • Organisations should give careful consideration to the location from which they will conduct their overseas business. There are many factors to take into account, including political stability, legal and tax requirements, employment costs, transport links and language and cultural barriers. (See Location)
  • An organisation that intends to employ staff to work for its business overseas should research the legal requirements and customs and practices in the destination country. (See Compliance)
  • Global organisations need to consider whether or not to create discrete business-support functions overseas, and how to facilitate communication with colleagues abroad. (See Global administration)
  • Global organisations should consider whether or not to take a global approach to policies and procedures. (See HR challenges)