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Indonesia: Health and safety

Updating author: Syahdan Z. Aziz, SSEK Legal Consultants
Original authors: Lia Alizia and Candace Anastassia Limbong, Makarim & Taira S.

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  • Employers are required to protect employees' welfare, safety and health, and employees are entitled to protection of their occupational health and safety. (See General)
  • Employers and managers have a range of specific statutory health and safety obligations. (See Duties on employers and employees)
  • A joint employer-employee health and safety committee must be set up in all workplaces employing 100 or more employees, and in workplaces with fewer than 100 employees that use potentially dangerous materials, processes or installations. (See Safety representatives)
  • The Directorate General of Labour Inspection within the Ministry of Manpower is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with health and safety legislation, and may impose various sanctions. (See Enforcement and penalties)
  • Employers must enrol employees in a statutory occupational accident and illness insurance scheme and pay contributions to the scheme. (See Compensation for occupational injury or illness)