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Philippines: Recruitment and selection

Original and updating authors: Marianne M. Miguel and Easter Princess U. Castro-Ty, SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan

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  • Discrimination in recruitment and selection is prohibited on grounds including sex, race, creed, age and disability. (See Discrimination)
  • Recruitment and selection are generally regarded as falling within the employer's management prerogative, and are subject to little legal regulation, except in terms of discrimination and data protection (however, specific rules govern recruitment for overseas employment and the activities of private recruitment agencies). (See General)
  • There is no statutory regulation of the advertising of job vacancies for employment in the Philippines, other than that advertisements must not be discriminatory on the prohibited grounds. However, advertisements for overseas employment are subject to extensive regulation. (See Advertising vacancies)
  • The selection procedures and techniques used by employers must comply with legislation on discrimination and data protection. (See Selection)
  • Job offers, which are commonly used for managerial or executive positions, usually set out only the general terms of the employment contract. If an applicant accepts such an offer, an employment contract is created, unless the offer is made subject to certain "suspensive" conditions. (See Job offers)
  • Employers must report new employees to the social security and other authorities, and ensure that recruits undergo a physical examination to determine their fitness for employment. (See Formalities)
  • The minimum age for employment is generally 15 years (with some exceptions), while the employment of individuals aged 15 to 17 inclusive is subject to various restrictions. (See Young people and children)
  • Foreign nationals generally require an Alien Employment Permit and a work visa to work in the Philippines. (See Foreign nationals)