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Developing an employee health benefits package

Author: Chris Wilson


  • Understand the role that health benefits have in a wider employee wellbeing strategy. (See Introduction)
  • Understand the benefits that health-related benefits can bring to both the organisation and individual employees. (See Why provide health-related benefits?)
  • Develop a health strategy for the organisation, being clear on what the organisation hopes to achieve from introducing a suite of health-related benefits. (See Building a health strategy)
  • Review the full list of benefits available to address each stage of health intervention, from prevention and early intervention, through to treatment and financial and personal support. (See Health benefits available)
  • Consider offering one or more of the most common health-related benefits. (See Private medical insurance)
  • Communicate the available health-related benefits to employees, being sure to repeat this at regular intervals to maintain interest. (See Communication)
  • Be aware of the tax status of employee health benefits, particularly those for which there are tax exemptions. (See Taxation of health-related benefits)