National living wage extends to 21-year-olds and all rates increase

Implementation date: 1 April 2024

The national living wage (the top rate of the national minimum wage) is extended to apply to workers aged 21 and over (before 1 April 2024, the top rate applies to those aged 23 and over).

The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2024  increase the national minimum wage rates as follows:

  • The rate for workers aged 21 or over (the national living wage) increases to £11.44 per hour (previously £10.42 for workers aged 23 or over).
  • The rate for workers aged at least 18 but under 21 increases to £8.60 per hour (from £7.49).
  • The rate for workers aged 16 to 17 increases to £6.40 (from £5.28).
  • The apprentice rate increases to £6.40 (from £5.28).