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  • Podcast: Gender pay gap reporting - a global view

    28 November 2023

    Gender pay gap reporting is now well established in the UK. But what approaches are being taken elsewhere in the world, and what difference might the new EU Pay Transparency Directive make? Elle Barreto and Ro Carracedo Lopez, international editors at XpertHR, answer these questions and more.

  • Webinar: Your guide to our new Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

    6 October 2022

    Discover the power of Gapsquare Gender Pay Gap in a 30-minute session, providing you with an overview of the features that will make reporting on your pay gaps easy, and help you close them with real-time data and insights.

  • Webinar: How to be an equal pay expert in your organisation

    1 December 2021

    Our panel of equal pay experts give you the knowledge and practical strategies needed to make pay equity a reality within your organisation.

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