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  • Podcast: Key employment cases of 2022/2023

    17 January 2023

    We reflect on the key decisions from last year and look forward to the case law trends likely to emerge in 2023. These include cases on: gender identity, holiday pay, coronavirus-related health and safety cases, industrial action, and dismissal and re-engagement.

  • Webinar: HR trends for 2022 - the future of the workplace and hybrid working

    27 January 2022

    What will HR leaders be focusing on in 2022? We share valuable insights into the priorities of HR and the future of the workplace from our annual survey of the HR community.

  • Podcast: Key 2022 employment cases

    25 January 2022

    We highlight key cases due to be decided in 2022 and discuss their impact on HR. These include cases on: vicarious liability, holiday pay, agency workers, compulsory retirement ages, and coronavirus-related health and safety cases. We will also be reflecting on the key decisions from last year and look forward to the case law trends likely to emerge this year.

  • Podcast: COVID-19 employment tribunal decisions

    16 November 2021

    How are employment tribunals approaching claims arising from the coronavirus pandemic? We explore the most important decisions handed down so far this year and discuss their practical implications for HR.

  • Webinar: Adopting hybrid working - legal issues and discrimination risks

    23 June 2021

    Huw Cooke, senior associate at Burges Salmon, guides you through the legal issues around hybrid working.

  • Podcast: Hybrid working - a case study

    12 May 2021

    How should HR implement hybrid working effectively? We talk to housing provider and XpertHR customer Orbit about how it has implemented its "WorkSmart" programme for 850 employees, and how it plans to continue this beyond the pandemic.

  • Webinar: Reopening the workplace - vaccinations and employee testing

    26 April 2021

    Max Winthrop, partner and head of the employment law team at Short, Richardson & Forth, explores the key areas employers will have to consider when deciding how to reopen the workplace safely.

  • Webinar: The future of the workplace

    18 March 2021

    Gemma Dale, HR professional and coach and lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, discusses what we have learned as a result of mass homeworking and how we can use this learning to shape future plans and working patterns for the workplace.

  • Managing your workforce out of lockdown webinar: Engaging employees while leaving lockdown

    3 July 2020

    Victoria Lewis, CEO at byrne-dean, takes us through the challenges of returning to work after the lockdown and outlines measures to address them, while also incorporating and retaining the many benefits that have emerged.

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