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  • Webinar: Handling HR nightmares

    2 November 2023

    We look at workplace scenarios that can strike fear into the heart of the most experienced HR professionals, including issues relating to: discipline and grievances; redundancy; and new legislation.

  • Podcast: Sickness absence - trends and tips

    13 June 2023

    In this edition of the podcast, Paula Flores, an HR Data Insights Analyst at XpertHR, leads us on a tour of the findings of our annual survey of absence rates and costs.

  • Podcast: Sickness absence management and hybrid working

    31 May 2022

    Stephen Simpson, principal employment law editor here at XpertHR, joins us to talk about how employers that are operating under a hybrid working model must ensure that their sickness absence management procedures sit comfortably alongside their new working arrangements.

  • Webinar: Managing sickness absence successfully

    3 March 2022

    Huw Cooke, senior associate at Burges Salmon, guides you through the nuts and bolts of effective sickness absence management before discussing some of the tricky challenges that can arise.

  • Podcast: Labour turnover and sickness absence rates

    15 October 2019

    We discuss trends in labour turnover and sickness absence rates based on data gathered by XpertHR.

  • Webinar: Pregnancy sickness - managing absence issues successfully

    25 April 2019

    Jo Broadbent, counsel knowledge lawyer at law firm Hogan Lovells, discusses the legal framework protecting pregnant employees and the health and safety considerations employers should be aware of.

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