Podcast: Creating a menopause inclusive workplace

The HR & Compliance Centre Podcast

Bev Thorogood, menopause specialist trainer and coach, joins us to discuss how you can create and cultivate a workplace that is supportive of people experiencing the menopause transition.

Bev discusses how managers can hold conversations with sensitivity and understanding, together with the steps and strategies they can use to support menopausal team members including: menopause-related initiatives; the role of policies; adjustments to working life; and tailored adjustment plans.

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I think it's about having a culture in place already that enables people to talk about health issues, not just menopause but all health issues, whether you're a male or a female going through whatever stage in life, having that culture of openness. And how you get that, I think, that comes down to senior leadership setting the scene.

Bev Thorogood

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