Podcast: Five steps to save yourself from burning out - help for struggling HR professionals

The HR & Compliance Centre Podcast

According to a recent survey, 98 per cent of HR professionals said they had felt burned out in the past six months. In this episode we ask:

  • What is burnout, exactly?
  • Why is it afflicting so many people working in HR?
  • And - crucially - what can you do to keep burnout at bay?

On hand to address these questions are Debbie Kleiner, from Wellbeing in Work, and Bar Huberman, HR & Compliance Centre's HR Strategy and Practice Content Manager.

We are also hoping to make a second episode in which we explore your experiences of burnout. You can email us at podcast@brightmine.com. We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to discover more about Debbie's work, you can visit her website, wellbeing-inwork.co.uk, or email her at hello@wellbeing-inwork.co.uk.

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