Podcast: Key 2022 employment cases

We highlight key cases due to be decided this year and discuss their impact on HR. These include cases on: vicarious liability, holiday pay, agency workers, age discrimination, and coronavirus-related health and safety cases.

The 2022 cases that we discuss will decide the following questions:

  • When is an employer vicariously liable for its employees' actions?
  • How should employers calculate holiday pay for term-time workers?
  • How far does the scope of the Agency Workers Regulations extend?
  • When can an employer justify a compulsory retirement age?
  • Can unpaid holiday that has been taken be carried over to the following leave year?
  • Can it be fair for an employer to dismiss an employee who refuses to attend work for coronavirus-related health and safety concerns?

We will also be reflecting on the key decisions from last year as well as looking forward to the employment law cases likely to emerge this year.


So 2022 could be a big year for flexible working. With remote and hybrid working becoming more accepted and the norm for many employees during the pandemic, it's possible that we could see a shift in tribunals' attitudes…..

Stephen Simpson