Podcast: Peter Cheese on The New World of Work

CEO of the CIPD Peter Cheese joins us to talk about his new book The New World of Work, which explores the many factors shaping work, workplaces, workforces and our working lives. Peter explores the principles around which we can build a future that is good for people, for business and for societies.

Peter is the co-chair of the Flexible Working Taskforce, a partnership across government departments, business groups, trade unions and charities, whose aim is to increase the uptake of flexible working. Alongside this, he is the Chair of Engage for Success and the What Works Centre for Wellbeing.


Now really is the time to invest in ourselves, to take pride in our profession, to build confidence in what we're doing, to make sure we've got good data and analytics to back up our arguments and to engage with business in the ways that they want us to engage with them, and to help create a really good future of work.

Peter Cheese