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These have been some of our most popular podcasts published this year demonstrating the wide range of topics we cover. If you'd like to suggest a discussion point, let us know.

Many employers are now planning to introduce permanent hybrid/blended working, particularly where their workforce has shown that it can perform to a high level with a more flexible approach in place. Principal employment law editor Stephen Simpson discusses the legal aspects of implementing hybrid working and answer HR's questions about making the move.

The coronavirus vaccination and your workforce

Max Winthrop discusses the legal and practical consequences for HR of the coronavirus vaccination programme including: whether or not employers can require workers to be vaccinated; potential discrimination issues; contractual considerations; and practical steps around communication, strategy and policy.

When can an employer dismiss for some other substantial reason?

Max Winthrop discusses the circumstances that may justify a some other substantial reason dismissal including: changing an employee's terms and conditions; third-party pressure to dismiss; a breakdown in working relations; and where an employee refuses to have the coronavirus vaccine.

HR, the pandemic and the future of the workplace

Gemma Dale joins us to talk about the crucial role HR has played in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and the future of the workplace - including options around the future of the office and different work patterns. We also discuss the challenges around wellbeing and engagement for employees in the current climate.

Tricky redundancy selection issues

Luke Bowery guides you through some common tricky issues in redundancy selection exercises, including: devising fair selection criteria; adjusting criteria for disabled employees; conducting competitive interview processes; pooling and scoring where employees have been furloughed; and assessing those on secondment.

Hybrid working - a case study

Louise Roberts, people development director at housing provider Orbit, explains how her team has implemented hybrid working and shares her tips on how HR can capitalise on this opportunity to improve engagement, productivity and collaboration.

Getting to grips with Brexit following the end of the transition period

Immigration solicitor Louise Haycock outlines what employers need to know following the end of the Brexit transition on December 31 2020, including the impact of the trade deal on immigration and business visitors.

Supporting employees affected by miscarriage or stillbirth

Vicki Robinson, deputy director at the Miscarriage Association and Jo Broadbent, counsel knowledge lawyer at Hogan Lovells, share their thoughts on how HR, line managers and colleagues can support employees affected by miscarriage or stillbirth.


Dee Caunt, chief executive at the Dyslexia Association, shares her thoughts on how organisations can support neurodiverse employees and benefit from their unique strengths.

Creating a transgender inclusive workplace

Joanne Lockwood, transgender awareness specialist, shares her experience as a transgender woman in the workplace and explores how organisations can cultivate transgender inclusive practices.