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Webinar: Financial wellbeing

Maggie Williams

Most of us have had money worries at some point in our lives but would you have ever turned to your employer for support?  And would your employer have been receptive?  While employers used to shy away from supporting employees around finances because they were seen as a personal matter, many employers now provide comprehensive financial wellbeing programmes to help employees.

In this webinar, employee benefits and pensions consultant Maggie Williams demystifies financial wellbeing, explaining what it is and the associated business benefits, including its positive impact on absence rates and productivity. As well as discussing where financial wellbeing sits within an organisation's mental health strategy, Maggie covers: 

  • how to build a business case to support financial wellbeing;
  • the steps that employers can take to improve the financial wellbeing of their employees;
  • what success looks like and how to measure it; and 
  • how to evolve a financial wellbeing strategy over time.

This 60-minute webinar includes a Q&A session.

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