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Webinar: Hybrid working - building an inclusive and collaborative culture

Victoria Lewis

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, HR now need to focus on getting employees back to the workplace and meeting the challenge of creating a hybrid working model that supports and facilitates inclusion, collaboration, engagement and trust.

In this webinar, Victoria Lewis, CEO of byrne-dean, deals with the numerous challenges posed by hybrid working to teamwork, informal collaboration, diversity, coaching and mentoring, and performance management. She covers:

  • dealing with reluctant returners, those who are unsure about returning to the workplace for any period of time or those who see no reason to do so;
  • the conscious effort needed to ensure those day-to-day interactions create an inclusive hybrid culture;
  • recognising and dealing with the fact that the hybrid lens adds another layer to "difference" - people will have experienced the pandemic differently and will experience the new way of work differently based on a wide range of factors (eg. neuro-divergence, family circumstances, digital capability, wellbeing and mental health, etc);
  • the issue facing many managers around trust - the pandemic has forced managers to trust their people but, in a hybrid setting, we need to avoid presence disparity; and
  • avoiding the risk in the hybrid workplace to the diversity gains of recent years.

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