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Webinar: Pay transparency - the value of honesty and some pitfalls to avoid

You wouldn't shop in a shop with no prices displayed, or eat in a restaurant with no menu prices, so why should applicants put themselves forward for a role when it's advertised with no salary displayed? If you as an employer tell people what to do in their role, is it OK that you don't also tell them from the outset what their pay prospects look like?

There's a growing call for transparency on pay across all industry sectors - the introduction of gender pay reporting has no doubt piqued interest in the pay structures of organisations and we see a change of attitudes to sharing information as we race through the digital transformation of society.

So what is pay transparency and why is it growing in importance? Is it as simple as publishing your organisation's pay scales and putting pay ranges on job adverts, and what are the downsides of this new push for honesty?

Referencing real-life cases studies and examples, reward specialist Jane Vivier covers:

  • the changing attitudes to pay disclosure;
  • the pros and cons of transparency for organisations;
  • her advice on getting transparency right; and
  • some ideas for further investigation.