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Webinar: Reward strategy actions for 2021

Duncan Brown

Reward strategies have been tested by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and many have been found to be no longer fit for purpose.

In this webinar, Duncan Brown discusses the need for change in prevailing UK reward models, and shows how organisations can begin to build back better and fairer reward strategies, learning from the lessons of the pandemic. He passes on his suggestions for priority areas when conducting your own strategic reviews and possible changes to make in 2021 and beyond.

Duncan explores how the coronavirus pandemic has shown that the uber-flexible, "just-in-time" rewards model that has developed over the past decade has failed when a "just-in-case", more secure approach has been needed. Issues of fairness and equality have been pushed to the fore by the unequal impact of the pandemic, and Duncan shows how employers can respond when their finances are exhausted and tax rises are mooted.

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