Policies and procedures

Model policies and procedures to help you create and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organisation.

Within this resource:

  • Each model document comes with notes and guidance on how and when it should be used.
  • Warning is provided of relevant future developments, including forthcoming legislation.

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Model policies: the complete list

We provide an unparalleled selection of model policies to help you create and maintain a staff handbook for your organisation.

You said it...

Without the use of HR & Compliance Centre, it would have cost us a lot of money in terms of needing to source legal assistance to ensure that the policies are legally binding and fully up to date.

Rebecca Lomas, HR administrator, Nielsen UK

Policy of the week

Zeba Sayed With Pride Month approaching in June, now is a good time to reinforce your commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, if you haven’t already done so. While an Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policy, will not automatically lead to a fair and inclusive workplace, it is a good starting place and provides a framework for addressing issues if they arise. Additionally, employers may choose to implement a specific Transgender equality policy to raise awareness and demonstrate that trans inclusion is a key priority in the workplace.

Zeba Sayed, Senior Employment Law & Compliance Editor

Dates for your diary

Plan ahead with our hand-picked dates for your diary. We provide a selection of key upcoming deadlines, celebrations and awareness days that you need to know about as an HR professional.