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Cendex delivers advanced, live data solutions to help organisations of all sizes recruit, retain and motivate talent with absolute confidence.

We provide high-quality data, intuitive workflow tools and expert insights to help employers benchmark roles and reward packages, all in a single trusted platform. Cendex enables organisations to make fair, data-driven reward decisions, ensuring they have the talent they need to deliver on their strategic priorities.

  • Access to all roles

  • Freshest data on the market

  • Outstanding support

  • Trusted data provider since 1968

How Cendex can support your organisation

  • Develop an effective reward strategy

    Use our high-quality data and expert insights to devise a reward strategy, ensuring you have the right talent to achieve your business goals.

  • Attract talent by using accurate reward data

    Cendex provides robust data for over 1 million UK employees across 25 different function groups, all located in a single platform.

  • Move with the market to retain and motivate talent

    Retain employees with tailored reward packages and proactively respond to the market changes with access to the freshest reward intelligence.

  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence

    Our data, intuitive workflow tools and outstanding support from Cendex Reward specialist team will enable you to make decisions with confidence.

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I definitely would recommend it - the participation and data team are good at doing initial vetting of the data so you have confidence that the survey data is high quality.
Asher Pearcey, Data Analyst, Alzheimer's Society