Gender pay gap reporting service


Fair pay analytics for inclusive employers

Data-driven insights for closing pay gaps, achieving equal pay and embracing a diverse talent ecosystem

Gapsquare™ is a pay analytics software empowering you to measure, achieve and sustain long-lasting fair pay and workplace equity results in real-time.

Take the complexity out of pay equity by harnessing the power of your data. Meet compliance requirements and achieve your Diversity and Inclusion goals with ease, so that you can focus on what really matters: your people.


  • insights graph

    Ground-breaking data-driven insights

    Our intelligent data analytics technology with in-app tailored pay equity expertise, helps teams to identify, understand, fix, and prevent gaps.

  • time effective

    Time effective

    Our app reduces the time, skills and resources a company would employ, so that they can focus on what really matters – their people.

  • long term monitoring

    Sustainable solutions

    By allowing companies to engage in long-term monitoring and analysis they are more likely to achieve consistent and tangible change.

  • reputational excellence

    Reputational excellence

    Gapsquare is ISO 27001 certified, with a large roster of companies spanning from London Metropolitan Police, Accenture to Conde Nast and our client list now spans 4 continents.

  • client-led feedback

    Client-led feedback

    We constantly listen to our clients and develop and update the product based on the  vision they would like to see.

  • hr support

    Exceptional customer support

    We ensure that our clients feel supported, whether that is during onboarding and implementation, group training sessions or via our comprehensive e-learning portal.

You can choose from:

Gapsquare PRO

  • Discover existing pay inequities...

    ...and gaps across your organisation, identify root causes of disparities to find out who, what and how to fix them.

  • Sustain pay equity by monitoring progress in real-time...

    ...fixing gaps suitable for budget and compensation planning and prevent further issues with predictive modelling and fair pay target setting.

  • Report using customisable and smart dashboards... help identify key priorities and drive multi-stakeholder alignment to drive progress on pay equity faster.

Gapsquare Comply

  • Discover your organisational gender pay gap...

    ...and identify the reasons behind it using our accessible dashboard, intuitive tools and interactive insights.

  • Sustain your gender pay gap by monitoring the progress...

    ...of your pay gaps throughout the year with unlimited uploads and report generation.

  • Report your gender pay gap data...

    ...using our regulatory compliant reporting functionality.

Why choose Gapsquare?

Gapsquare is built by experts in data science, labour economics, HR and compliance committed to supporting global organisations such as Conde Naste, Wieden + Kennedy, and Osborne Clarke move from intention to impact with their pay equity goals. Join the community and receive tailored training sessions, benefit from the latest thought leadership, upskill your team, learn how to tell positive stories with your pay and people data and future-proof equity at your organisation with us.

Gapsquare clients are leading on recruiting, retaining
and progressing the best in global talent.

"We felt confident we were getting our gender pay gap reporting right with the software we received and the advice that came alongside it."
Sue Langdon, HR Systems Analyst at Suez