Navigate the challenges of being a global employer

Globalisation means that HR professionals are increasingly becoming responsible for HR activities across several countries.

XpertHR International makes it easy for employers with staff based overseas to comply with employment law in those countries. Anticipate the challenges of working with new territories and access the tools needed to create a strategy for international assignments and global expansion.

Download a list of the countries covered by clicking the button below.

This tool will ensure you:

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    Access guidance and key information at a national level across the entire employment lifecycle from recruitment to termination of employment.

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    Understand the key employment rights in the countries where your organisation operates.

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    Appreciate how the law is enforced and the penalties for breaching it in different countries.

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    Understand the role of collective rights and bargaining in your chosen countries.

Guide for global employers

To support employers establishing a global presence, access the Guide for global employers. Providing you with a guided overview of the main issues facing employers with staff in more than one country, including whether or not to harmonise employee rights across their global workforce.

Find out how this valuable resource could help you manage a global workforce today.

Available Countries and Territorries

Click on the map below to see which countries we cover in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa

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