Coaching and mentoring

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  • Date:
    24 November 2020
    Podcasts and webinars

    Podcast: Coaching skills for line managers

    Rosie Evans, behavioural scientist, discusses how HR can approach coaching, onboarding and evaluating remote workers in an emotionally intelligent way.

  • Type:
    Leading practice guides

    Coaching in the workplace

    Leading practice guidance discussing the use of coaching in workplace settings to raise employees' awareness of different perspectives and increase their ability to take responsibility for their own development.

  • Type:
    Survey analysis

    Learning and development: HR & Compliance Centre survey 2019

    XpertHR research investigates UK employers' learning and development strategy, provision and priorities and their use of coaching.

  • Type:

    Introduce a coaching scheme

  • Type:
    Policies and procedures

    Mentoring policy

    A model mentoring policy to set out your organisation's mentoring programme.

  • Type:
    Contract clauses

    Mentoring agreement

    A model mentoring agreement to enter into a formalised mentoring arrangement with staff.

  • Type:
    Letters and forms

    Mentoring evaluation form

    A model mentoring evaluation form, for both the mentor and mentee to evaluate a mentoring arrangement.

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HR and legal information and guidance relating to coaching and mentoring.