Future of work

Bar Huberman Editor's message: Under the future of work topic, we explore how senior HR leaders can help their organisation be ready to tackle future business challenges. There are three pillars HR leaders need to prepare for:

  • Changes to the work: Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a big part in how work will evolve. Organisations will need different skill sets, and the workforce will need to be resilient and adaptable to take these changes on. Organisations will also need to be prepared for any resistance to these changes, and consider the legal ramifications of AI.
  • Changes to the workforce: Employees’ expectations around work are changing - increasingly, they want meaningful work and they want to be treated as individuals, whether that be in relation to benefits, wellbeing or how their employer uses their unique skills. How the organisation manages equality, diversity and inclusion will play a big part in whether job candidates and employees feel the organisation values them.
  • Changes to the workplace: Where we work has changed and will continue to evolve. How can HR make sure the business is ready to cope with the challenges this presents, such as upskilling line managers to manage remote workers, engaging remote workers with organisational values and making in-person work as valuable as possible?

Increasingly, the availability and use of data will be essential to readying the organisation for all these changes.

Bar Huberman, principal HR strategy and practice editor

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