Evolving HR practices - flexible working

Bar Huberman Editor's message: There are many reasons why employers are embracing flexible working arrangements; the positive impact on productivity and the fact that flexible working is now an expectation among much of the workforce are two compelling reasons. The evolution of technology and the benefits of flexible working to both employers and employees mean that flexible working is here to stay.

But whether flexible working is ingrained into your workplace culture, or it is a more ad hoc practice, as time goes on, people’s expectations may change, your organisation’s needs may evolve, and there may be other relevant changes such as technological advancements and changes in workplace design.

It is therefore important to keep on top of your people’s preferences around flexible working and to find out from line managers if working arrangements are meeting business needs, for example by continuing to conduct workforce surveys.

HR will also still need to keep supporting the workforce with its flexible working arrangements, whether that involves helping line managers to manage their teams effectively or making sure opportunities are available to everyone.

Bar Huberman, principal HR strategy and practice editor

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