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Supporting neurodivergent candidates - line manager training

Author: Remi Chappell, Creased Puddle


This training guide provides practical guidance on neuro-inclusive practices you can adopt to support candidates with a neurodivergent condition through your organisation's recruitment process. It aims to create an awareness of how your organisation's culture and working practices can be adapted from a neurological-diverse standpoint to create the systemic inclusion we are all striving for.

This training is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, which can be adapted subject to the LNRS Data Services terms and conditions of use.

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As a line manager, you will be aware of how members of your team think differently from one another. In other words, their "neurodiversity". This can be equally noticeable during the recruitment process when you are assessing a candidate's competencies and behaviours for a vacancy in your team. Unfortunately, recruitment processes in many organisations are designed to align with the capabilities of neurotypical people and are not neurodivergent-friendly, as illustrated in statistics such as only 29% of autistic people are in paid employment (ONS Census 2021 data).

The neurodivergent community represents an invaluable but underutilised pool of candidates, especially in a competitive recruitment market where organisations struggle to find the talent they need. Line managers play a pivotal role in improving the prospects and outcomes for these neurodivergent candidates. You will be responsible for implementing any neurodivergent-friendly practices through your organisation's recruitment process. You can also help to authentically promote your organisation as a neuro-inclusive employer, which can in turn help to attract top talent.