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Supporting neurodivergent employees - line manager training

Author: Remi Chappell, Creased Puddle


This training guide provides practical guidance on how you can support and manage employees with a neurodivergent condition so that they can thrive in the workplace, including your duties in relation to making reasonable adjustments.

This training is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, which can be adapted subject to the LNRS Data Services terms and conditions of use.

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As a line manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees can perform at their best at work. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but for neurodivergent employees, these can be much more pronounced.

During your career, you are likely to have close interaction with neurodivergent individuals, so you have a unique opportunity to realise your organisation's ambitions to be neuro-inclusive through adjusting neurotypical processes and practices. This guide will help you to understand how your organisation's culture and working practices can be adapted from a neurological-diverse standpoint to create the systemic inclusion we are all striving for.