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Guide for global employers: Bribery

Authors: Matthew Howse and Sarah Ash, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP


  • Global employers must comply with the law relating to bribery in the countries in which they conduct business, and the bribery laws of any other relevant countries. It is important for an organisation to undertake due diligence to identify its obligations in relation to bribery, and local attitudes towards bribery, prior to establishing a business presence in any country. (See Laws and attitudes towards bribery)
  • Breach of bribery laws can lead to criminal and civil charges against the organisation and damage to its reputation. (See The importance of compliance)
  • Multinational employers should conduct an evaluation of the bribery risks to which they are subject. Some risks are particularly relevant to international organisations. (See Risks)
  • Global organisations should adopt an organisation-wide approach to bribery, which they should communicate to all employees to help avoid exposure to corruption. (See Anti-bribery strategy)