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  • The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill: Controversial in theory, unworkable in practice

    16 June 2023

    The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill is the Government's response to the widespread industrial action recently seen across public services, including transport, schools and the NHS. But the legislation is fraught with problems - not least because it skips over the question of what a minimum service level actually is, says consultant editor Darren Newman.

  • HR talking point: What is next for employment law?

    5 October 2022

    In the current political climate, it seems foolish to make predictions about the Government's future policy in relation to employment law. But amidst widespread speculation about a "bonfire of rights", it is worth looking at what the Government has so far said and done that might indicate the direction of travel, according to consultant editor Darren Newman.

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