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  • Why now is the time to align your rewards with your EVP

    24 May 2024

    Join Debra Corey, an award-winning HR consultant, for an insightful webinar on why aligning your rewards with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is critical for your organisation

  • Podcast: Rethinking recruitment and reskilling

    23 May 2024

    According to research, almost half of the skills used by the workforce today will no longer be relevant in a couple of years. Given this context of a fast-evolving workplace with shifting needs, it's perhaps unsurprising that organisations are struggling to hire people with the right skills. What is to be done? Career mentor Laurie Macpherson joins us to discuss ways for HR and employees to begin to rethink recruitment and reskilling.

  • Podcast: Redundancy protection - what's changed?

    7 May 2024

    A raft of employment law changes have come into effect over the past few months. In this edition of the podcast, Zeba Sayed and Stephen Simpson discuss some developments that have perhaps received less attention than others: the changes to special redundancy protection for family-related leave that came into force on 6 April 2024.

  • Podcast: Navigating conflicts of belief in the workplace

    15 April 2024

    International and domestic politics, issues of gender and sexuality: people disagree about lots of things. Understandably, many organisations worry about the impact of controversial beliefs being expressed in the workplace. In this edition of the podcast, employment law specialist Darren Newman joins us to discuss how organisations can navigate conflicts of belief in the workplace.

  • Webinar: XpertHR Cendex Spring pay and labour market update 2024

    11 April 2024

    In this webinar Sheila Attwood shares details of where organisations have been pitching their pay reviews so far in 2024, and where others planning for later in the year think they will land.

  • Podcast: Employment tribunals - tips and traps

    28 March 2024

    Running an employment tribunal claim can be complicated and requires careful management. Part-time employment tribunal judge Tina Elliott offers practical tips on how to prepare effectively.

  • Podcast: Immigration changes in 2024 - how HR can prepare

    12 March 2024

    Louise Haycock, immigration solicitor and partner at law firm Fragomen, discusses the latest immigration changes affecting employers and the workforce, and how businesses can prepare for them.

  • Podcast: COVID and other infectious diseases - what is the correct workplace etiquette now?

    1 March 2024

    The rules around COVID-19 were very clearly drawn in 2020. But what is the state of play now, not just in relation to COVID but to illness in the workplace generally? What should organisations do about employees who are nervous about returning to the workplace? Or about at-risk employees, particularly when infection rates are high? Or about long COVID - is it now treated as a disability?

  • Webinar: Statutory carer's leave - how employers can prepare

    23 February 2024

    XpertHR editors Stephen Simpson and Zeba Sayed explain how the new statutory carer's leave will operate in practice and the impact it will have on how employers support carers.

  • Podcast: "Love contracts" and other romance-related HR dilemmas

    13 February 2024

    According to a YouGov survey, 15% of people meet their partners at work. Given how widespread the phenomenon is, to what extent does HR need to take an interest in office romances?

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