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  • Webinar: Using data-driven insights to drive HR impact

    6 June 2024

    This webinar includes an exclusive demonstration of our Pay Equity Analytics solution and our Compensation Planning solution.

  • Podcast: Redundancy protection - what's changed?

    7 May 2024

    A raft of employment law changes have come into effect over the past few months. In this edition of the podcast, Zeba Sayed and Stephen Simpson discuss some developments that have perhaps received less attention than others: the changes to special redundancy protection for family-related leave that came into force on 6 April 2024.

  • Podcast: Navigating conflicts of belief in the workplace

    15 April 2024

    International and domestic politics, issues of gender and sexuality: people disagree about lots of things. Understandably, many organisations worry about the impact of controversial beliefs being expressed in the workplace. In this edition of the podcast, employment law specialist Darren Newman joins us to discuss how organisations can navigate conflicts of belief in the workplace.

  • Podcast: Gender pay gap reporting - a global view

    28 November 2023

    Gender pay gap reporting is now well established in the UK. But what approaches are being taken elsewhere in the world, and what difference might the new EU Pay Transparency Directive make? Elle Barreto and Ro Carracedo Lopez, international editors at XpertHR, answer these questions and more.

  • Podcast: Advancing gender equality in the workplace - eight key policy areas

    1 August 2023

    Zeba Sayed and Stephen Simpson discuss the importance of having workplace policies that advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and highlight some of the innovative policies that progressive employers are now adopting.

  • Webinar: DEI - A personal perspective, a practical approach

    21 June 2023

    This webinar will help you to understand DEI jargon, how it's misused in the workplace, and how to handle that misuse. You will also learn practical ways of embedding DEI in every level of your organisation.

  • Podcast: Age discrimination - tips, traps and Tribunal cases

    11 May 2023

    Age discrimination can be a tricky area for employers. In this edition of the podcast, Susie Munro, Senior Legal Editor at XpertHR, leads us on a tour of recent cases that offer examples of how things can go wrong if they are mishandled and provides some tips on avoiding typical age-related traps.

  • Podcast: Key employment cases of 2022/2023

    17 January 2023

    We reflect on the key decisions from last year and look forward to the case law trends likely to emerge in 2023. These include cases on: gender identity, holiday pay, coronavirus-related health and safety cases, industrial action, and dismissal and re-engagement.

  • Podcast: Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

    9 December 2022

    Caroline Turner, diversity and inclusion specialist, joins us to talk about steps employers can take to support neurodiverse employees.

  • Webinar: Your guide to our new Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

    6 October 2022

    Discover the power of Gapsquare Gender Pay Gap in a 30-minute session, providing you with an overview of the features that will make reporting on your pay gaps easy, and help you close them with real-time data and insights.

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